Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

Looks like the nuts over at Daily Kos aren't so giddy anymore.

They are absolutely livid about the fact that their Messiah has forgiven Joe Lieberman and intervened on his behalf so that he can continue to caucus with the Democrats.

"Your sins are forgiven, my son."

So once again the far left has failed in its attempt to destroy Joe Lieberman. Despite the fact that one of their own has now won the presidency, the idiots over at Daily Kos continue to descend into irrelvancy. No doubt they feel betrayed by the King they helped to crown.

Here's some "highlights"...

"But in all seriousness, I think we've now learned that Joe Lieberman is the smartest politician in DC. He knew Democrats were spineless capitulators who would cave at the merest threat no matter how many times he shit in their face.
He's probably having a great laugh about it just about now."

"that Reid will be challenged and defeated in '10. He consistently sells us down the river and you start to make real change when the head of the beast is chopped off."

"As I see it, Obama led the rescue mission that saved Lieberman's ass. You can't just blame Reid for this insult to the progressive left. From now on messages from the Obama camp(aign) go straight to the trash bin via my spam filter. In 4 years hes outta there"

"It seems that Obama has lost some enthusiasm in the netroots. Some call sacking lieberman revenge, some call it accountability. But showing that you won't stand up for yourself, that you won't legitimately punish those who've wronged you, can make you look weak, both to your enemies and your friends"

"In the future, when we're asked to knock on doors or make phone calls for Obama or other Democrats, the image of Liebermans's smiling face after he got off scott free won't be the best motivation."


Aren't the libs the ones who always claim to be so tolerant? Sure, they tolerate muslim terrorist (and Americas enemies in general), abortionist, drug dealers, child-molestors, and any and all other deviants but GOD FORBID you think the War on Terror is more than just a slogan. Turns out liberals only tolerate you if you think like them.

Remember the only isssue Joe Lieberman splits with the Democrats on is the War on Terror. Keep in mind that his is a guy who was on the Democratic ticket in 2000!! And now they want his head.

And for those of you who think this is some sort of bipartisan attempt to reach out to those who disagree with Obama...think again.

Democrats are stupid but they CAN (suprisingly)do math. Now that the democrats may take the Senate seats in Alaska, Minnesota, and Georgia they realize that they might actually have a chance of reaching that magic number of 60. Now they NEED Lieberman.

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