Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michael Steele hates country clubs (and still loves puppies)

As a Marylander I have mixed emotions about Michael Steele running to be Chairman of the RNC. I'd prefer to have him challenge Martin O'Malley,the worst governor in America, in 2010. (for those of you who are lucky enough to NOT live in Maryland, O'Malley spearheaded the passage of a $1.4 billion tax increase in 2007, which was obscene in its large size and scope. He increased the corporate tax rate, the top personal income tax rate, the sales tax rate, and the cigarette tax rate. He also expanded the sales tax base and raised taxes on vehicles. This enormous increase hit Marylanders directly in their wallet, and indirectly through slower economic growth over time. But they got exactly what they deserve because they were stupid enough to vote him in)

In an interview with the Washington Times, Steele castigated Republican Party leadership for having a "country club" mentality and being out of touch, and said if he is chosen to represent the party, he will help transform it into an inspiring choice for young and minority voters.

I think Steele would serve as a good face-lift for the Republican party. The perception of that "country club mentality" that Steele was talking about is a small part of what helped get Republicans kicked out of Congress and the Whitehouse. When you look at our leadership it's mostly fat, old, gray haired, white men. Steele is a dynamic guy-and NOT fat, old, gray-haired OR white.

But the GOP lost this cycle mostly because they started acting like Democrats, not because young voters weren't attracted to old white men.

And I'm not convinced the Republican Party could EVER do ANYTHING that will "inspire" young and minority voters.

But Steele is correct-the GOP's "outreach" is a complete joke. I do believe that Republicans could be doing more to reach out to religious blacks who are very socially conservative (We have them to thank for passing Prop 8 in California). But this should be a very long term strategy because theres no way that less than 95% of the black population would ever vote against Obama or the party he is in charge of. And the GOP does ignore Libertarian leaning young voters (Ron Paul revolution). But as we saw in the Republican presidential primaries there aren't many Ron Paul voters out there anyway.

And if by "outreach" Steele means set asides and give aways for minorities and young people then we might as well just concede the 2010 and 2012 elections right now. We need to return to our conservative principles, not water ourselves down even more by continuing to pretend to be Democrats.

But judging from Steele's past comments this is not at all what he meant.

I'd rather have him as governor of my state, but it looks like the RNC chairmanship is pretty much his for the taking. He's the only person running for it who is known nationally.

Hopefully he gets it. It'll help to bring a fresh face to the Republican party and fight the perception that many independent voters have of us.


Anonymous said...

haha o'malley=worst governor in america is right.

how about worst governor in HISTORY?

Steeles had his eye on this thing since 06. Its about time all those tv appearences pay off

Anonymous said...

What has Steele done as head of Marylands Republican party?

I mean noone else that is running for the position is really noteworthy but does the MD GOP even exist? I've tried volunteering for the state party several times before the election and I couldn't even get an e-mail back! And this is the guy you want running our party on a national level?

I guess he has my support by default but I'm skeptical.

AChavis said...

Steele is the man. would of spanked cardin if maryland wasnt so left. remember that we are the only state whos primary went to al sharpton in the 2004 democratic primaries.

and to anonymous, Maryland GOPs organization sucks because the RNC wisely chooses not to spend any money here b/c its a lost cause. would you rather having them throw money into maryland, a state that has never and will never vote republican, OR would you rather have them spend those resources in battleground states that actually matter like PA, OH, etc.