Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The face of Obama's foreign policy

So it looks like the picture at the left is what we can expect from the Obama administration for the next 4 years when it comes to foreign policy.

NOW we know what was discussed in that highly publicized private meeting between Obama and Bill Clinton on September 11th in Clinton's Harlem office.

There are many reasons why Hillary shouldn't be allowed ANY WHERE NEAR the State Department. Since leaving office her husband has made a living doing favors for foreign leaders. The regime in Uzbekistan (which by the way, is one of the most oppressive governments on the planet) donated $115 million to Clinton's presidential library.

But we don't know who else. We don't know WHO the Clinton's owe or why the owe them.

Neither side has confirmed this to be true. But one thing is for sure....Hillary Clinton has absolutely no interest in being in the Senate. She never did. It was always just a stepping stone for the Clintons to get back into the Whitehouse. But now that that's fallen through I'm sure Hillary would KILL (Sorry Vince Foster)for this job.

Pejman put it great over at RedState:

What isn't being vetted, however, is whether Senator Clinton would bring anything special or particular to the position of Secretary of State--beyond, of course, a famous name. No one is asking what Senator Clinton's strategic worldview is. No one is asking what she envisions her duties and responsibilities to be in the event that she is named America's top diplomat. No one is asking why Senator Clinton should be chosen over, say, people like Richard Holbrooke or Sam Nunn or others who actually have more grounding in foreign policy, even if they do not have the famous Clinton name behind them. Instead, there is a breathless sense of bedazzlement about the potential Clinton appointment that seems to preclude any and all questions concerning what a Clinton appointment would mean substantively for the conduct of American foreign policy.

Can we ask those questions at some point in time? Can we have an actual substantive discussion over why Hillary Clinton should be chosen over others as Secretary of State? Or are we going to continue focusing on questions of stardom and ignore questions of substance?

Of course not Penjab! We must never, never, never question the Dear Leader's divine authority!!


Unknown said...

This is photoshopped. If you can't look at this photo and see that his head is too big you r an idoit. BTW it was and pasted from this photo http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/alg_osama_bin_laden.jpeg

Tatarize said...

Also, Clinton's 5"7' and Osama was 6"6'. And I totally think that's the Indian delegation behind.

Anonymous said...

It was a submission to a Freaking News Photoshop contest back in 2007.


Just more typical right-wing lies and misrepresentation.